The Average Salary of Catholic Principals

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Being a Catholic school principal is a job with much responsibility. Not only do you have the academic development of students as a primary function, but you also are responsible for their spiritual development. Catholic school principals are used at the elementary/middle and high school levels. The salary for this job is dependent upon the location of the school, but the national average compensation for the position gives an idea of what to expect.


Duties of a Catholic school principal are similar to those in public institutions, but with the added responsibility of religion and collection of tuition. Tasks involved with the position are overseeing teachers and staff, monitoring student learning and test scores, approving books and courses, communicating with parents, fostering spiritual growth and managing the daily operations of the school. In addition, principals must develop and handle the budget of the school, including fund raising and events.

Knowledge, Skills, Abilities

The knowledge, skills and abilities (KSAs) of a Catholic school principal are those necessary for the proper performance of job duties. Being in charge of a Catholic institution requires the knowledge of the Catholic faith, the Holy Bible and the teachings of the Church. Knowledge of educational practices and procedures is necessary to oversee the operations of an academic environment. Exceptional interpersonal skills are needed to work with with parents, teachers, students, the parish priest and the community. The ability to maintain respect and discipline of students is important for an optimal learning environment.

Education and Experience

A Catholic school principal must have a teaching credential and teaching experience. Many positions require a master's degree, preferably in education. Holding the position of Assistant Principal at a Catholic school demonstrates the ability to oversee an institution in a support capacity and is an advantage to applicants.

Salary Expectations

According to the Simply Hired website, as of 2010, the average annual salary of a Catholic school principal on job listings is $51,000. In a 2009 to 2010 data report by the Diocese of Madison (Wisconsin), Office of Catholic Schools, the average salary of a Catholic school principal in the diocese is $50,258. This amount compares to the 2006 to 2007 national average of $56,230. The salary for a Catholic school principal depends on the location and level of the school, the qualifications of the candidate and any special circumstances, such as difficulty in recruiting.


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