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Job Description of an Associate Principal

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An associate principal provides similar guidance to students as the principal, while meeting minimum requirements that benefit the students and school. Depending on the needs of the school, the job of an associate principal can vary, accommodating variations in responsibilities.

Leadership & Direction

The associate principal is expected to provide leadership and guidance for the school and its students. His primary role is that of an educational leader, tasked with ensuring the school meets, and if possible surpasses, minimum educational requirements.

Successful Students

The associate principal is expected to maintain, and improve, the school's education programs while providing a nurturing and supportive environment for all students enrolled. Particularly when students cannot advocate for themselves, the associate principal is expected to be a voice for students, keeping their school and education at a high standard.

Management Skills

In addition to managing students, and the school's education programs, the associate principal may be involved with managing the school as a business. She makes certain the school meets state and federal standards, the environment is safe for students, teachers and staff, and encourages professional development of all staff and teachers.


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