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School Assistant Duties

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School assistants, also known as teacher assistants, are often used in a school with large numbers of students. These assistants have specific job duties related to helping the teacher and the administration of the school. Most school assistants work part time and have a limited educational history, including a high school degree or some college background. A college education is not always necessary.

Administrative Help

Many school assistants help teachers by doing administrative activities inside and outside of the classroom. These duties may include calling roll and grading papers. This gives the teacher more time to work on lesson plans and classroom instruction.


Many school assistants are responsible for watching the students during lunch and recess activities or during before- or after-school activities. In addition, school assistants help to maintain order in large school functions such as pep rallies.


Some students require special attention due to either a physical or mental handicap. School assistants may be assigned to these students and may either shadow the student throughout the day or may assist the student in individual classes.