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Salary of a Marketing Director for a Private School

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A marketing director at a private school earns between $57,000 and $151,000 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If one marketer holds both the director and the Chief Marketing Officer position, he can earn up to $165,000 per year. A marketing director at a private school must attract the attention of local and national students as well as their parents. Her main goal is to bring in new, paying students.


A marketing director new to the role earns earn a salary between $57,000 and $80,000 per year. At a private school, the marketing director is responsible for creating campaigns that help the school attract new students. Additionally, he is responsible for working with the public relations director to create a positive image of the school for the public. Campaigns often include images of students and staff helping in the local community. This attracts media interest as well as the interest of parents of prospective students.


A marketing director with three or more years of experience earns a salary between $112,000 and $151,000 per year. The actual amount will depend on how many years experience she has, where the school is located and how many students the school hosts. An experienced marketing director at a private school will create the strategy for fundraising campaigns as well as campaigns that attract new students. She will report on the success or failures of these campaigns directly to the vice president of marketing or the chief marketing officer.


In smaller schools, the chief marketing officer (CMO) may act as the marketing director to conserve salary costs incurred by the school. A CMO earns between $75,000 and $165,000 per year, depending on his experience and the amount of money set aside for the position. The CMO will work with the rest of the executive team to create strategies that help the school grow annually. Paramount to the CMO is presenting an image of the school that attracts parents who are inclined to pay tuition to send their students to private school.


A marketing director can ascend to the role of vice president of marketing, executive vice president of marketing or CMO, provided he is not already acting as CMO. A study by the Collegiate Employment Research Institute at Michigan State University states a person is more likely to receive a promotion when taking initiative, demonstrating that she is self-motivated and shows commitment to her job and the school.


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