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School Registrar Job Description

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A school registrar is an administrative professional who works for an educational institution to assist students with enrollment and withdrawal of classes. She maintains student records, test scores, works with school counselors and handles other various administrative and clerical tasks as needed. The level of expertise needed to be a registrar varies depending on where she is employed. A school registrar for example who works for a university would have more responsibility than a registrar at an elementary school.

Job Responsibilities

The primary job responsibilities of a school registrar are to proactively work with other school officials in determining the academic calendar and to ensure students have received proper communication related to school activities. He also works with state and local education boards to set the agenda and curriculum for required student exams. Registration information, bill payment and being available to answer prospective student's questions are other responsibilities of a school registrar. Additionally he is expected to assist in the distribution of testing materials and coordination of summer school registration. A school registrar also has to have experience with first aid in the event of an emergency. Maintaining a current data base with students emergency contact information is also a primary job responsibility of a school registrar.

Job Opportunities

A school registrar is often times promoted from within the organization, however, prospective candidates who meet the required qualifications can network through Internet job sites or by visiting the respective website of the school or university she wishes to work for. Many academic institutions post school registrar job availabilities in local newspapers and periodicals.

Qualitative Requirements

The qualified candidate should be a proven leader who is confident in decision making and has a determined personality. A school registrar must be innovative and able to motivate others. This position deals with people of all personalities--students, teachers, professors--and therefore requires sound decision-making, strong organization and interpersonal skills as well as possessing a familiarity with the latest computer programs.

Educational Requirements

As is the case in any educational administrative job,a college degree is required. Candidates who wish to excel in this field and continue on to more prestigious positions should also have a master's degree with a focus on education or business administration.

Average Compensation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary for a school registrar working in college or university is approximately $66,000 per year.


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