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The Qualities of a Good Assistant Principal

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Good communication skills, the ability to handle administrative duties and maintaining strong student interactions are the qualities that make a professional assistant principal. Assistant principals work in elementary and secondary schools as they assist principals and teachers in developing the academic criteria that propel students to reach their full potential. Assistant principals help teachers create lesson programs, counsel students in educational matters and uphold the disciplinary operations for a productive school environment.

Student Counseling

A good assistant principal uses his experience and knowledge to counsel students about any personal issues that may be affecting their school performance. Assistant principals also give guidance to the student concerning any classroom behavior that may be disruptive. The assistant principal discusses matters about the student's vocational motivation so the student can decide upon the best future career.

Curriculum Involvement

Assistant principals involve themselves in other ways concerning the educational matters of students. By working with teachers, the assistant principal helps to plan new curriculum to develop the educational knowledge needed for students to succeed in the classroom. A good assistant principal knows how to interact with parents and teachers so that constructive meetings can take place concerning a student's education.

Disciplinary Actions

The assistant principal balances the educational aspects of the school with the disciplinary actions necessary to maintain school procedures. The assistant principal oversees attendance issues and other student problems that are disruptive to the school. The assistant principal also adheres to school standards and regulations so that daily operations meet the school district's expectations.

Administrative Roles

Good assistant principals have organizational skills to keep up with a busy administrative schedule. The assistant principle maintains the stock of textbooks and supplies, along with other services needed for custodial and cafeteria staff. The assistant principle also coordinates the social and recreational programs so students have fun while learning through extracurricular activities.


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