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Dorm Supervisor Responsibilities

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The dorm supervisor holds the responsibility of running the dorm efficiently and keeping it a safe and healthy place for the resident students. The position of a dorm supervisor demands a high level of maturity from the candidate. He must be able to connect with the younger generation and possess a personality that inspires trust and respect for him in students. Strong personal integrity, leadership abilities and the ability to not to buckle even under extreme stress are crucial.

Oversees Dorm Students

The dorm supervisor is responsible for the students in his care. He supervises student activities in the dorm and addresses students’ problems and grievances. He is an active participant in devising student development programs such as counseling and extracurricular activities. As the in-charge of the dorm, the supervisor should be up-to-date about the whereabouts of his students. He should not limit his vigil to dorm rooms alone but extend it to all dorm areas where students are likely to be, such as libraries, gyms or play courts. The dorm supervisor should not leave the dorm and its premises unsupervised at any time. In case of unavailability, the supervisor should assign his responsibilities to another supervisor or notify his reporting authority of his absence to enable prompt action.

Maintains Dorm Rules and Regulations

It is the responsibility of the dorm supervisor to enforce dorm rules and policies as stipulated by the school authority. While is does not fall in the role of the dorm supervisor to implement policies outside the dorm handbook without approval, she can make recommendations to higher authorities of possible changes that could be more effective. A dorm supervisor should coordinate with colleagues and school staff during emergencies, and this may include working even on off-days. The supervisor reports to school authorities of any suspicions and unlawful activities in the dorm including student harassment, weapon possession and alcohol or drug use.

Staff Supervision

A dorm supervisor oversees the job activities of the dorm staff to ensure that the facility is maintained safe for students and in accordance with school policies. The dorm supervisor assigns work schedules to dorm attendants and ensures that they are on-duty through their shift. The dorm supervisor is also responsible to train dorm staff for their job. A dorm supervisor should respect the authority of subordinate dorm supervisors on the staff and should not question their decisions and actions in front of students, such confrontations should take place in private.

Other Duties

The dorm supervisor maintains paperwork related to the dorm and the students therein accurately and offers information as required to school staff. It is also the responsibility of the dorm supervisor to maintain confidentiality of school and student information. The dorm supervisor prepares the budget for the dormitory maintenance and activities and presents it to the relevant authority. She also has the task of handling parent concerns and addressing them appropriately and communicating the concerns to the school director as well.


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