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Hall Monitor Duties

Hall monitors are students who volunteer to roam the hallways of their schools to ensure that general order is maintained during school hours. Depending on the school district, a hall monitor may be an open position any student can apply for, or a special honor only available to the top students.


The first duty of a hall monitor, the duty that gives the hall monitor title its name, is patroling the halls of the school to ensure that all students are in their classes and any students who aren't in class have a proper hall pass. Any students who do not have a hall pass and are caught skipping class are reported to the hall monitor's direct supervisor, usually the assistant principal.

Keeping Order

Hall monitors are tasked with keeping the peace on school grounds. This includes reporting abusive behavior and student harassment, and breaking up fights before they can begin. For the safety of the hall monitor, many schools will not allow them to physically get involved in a student fight, but will provide them with a two-way radio to quickly notify the office of the situation.

Protecting the School Grounds

A hall monitor looks out for the safety of the collective student body. This is done by walking through the halls of the school as well as around the exterior of the school premises. If a hall monitor sees a suspicious individual, they are often ordered to report to the office, which will call the local authorities.


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