How to Be a Good Assistant Manager

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Although it may be difficult to be a good assistant manager in the eyes of everyone, a person can obtain and put into practice certain skills that make him a more effective manager. In addition to obtaining these skills, a good assistant manager must also be able to support the initiatives implemented by the manager.

Make recruiting and training a priority. It is often the job of the assistant manager to find and interview new employees. The assistant manager also must see that new employees are trained properly and fit into their new work environment. Take time to teach employees, particularly those who are having trouble obtaining the new skills needed for the job.

Be open and communicative. An assistant manager must have good people skills because he acts as a liaison between the manager and lower-level employees. Because managers and employees at times do not see eye to eye on issues, an assistant manager should be able to help both sides see the reasoning for the opposing viewpoint.

Pay attention to your surroundings. Take notice of the work environment and determine if it is functioning at a high level. Assessing the functionality of the workplace could lead an assistant manager to propose the purchase of new equipment or the implementation of a new practice. Regular assessments also can provide an opportunity to motivate employees.

Set a standard with dress. The way an assistant manager dresses depends very much on his place of employment. However, it is a good assistant manager's responsibility to set a standard for other employees. Review the company's dress code and abide by it.

Work as hard as other employees. Although being a good assistant manager requires a person to be able to delegate, he should not assume that all of his work can be assigned to others. A good assistant manager works just as hard as, or harder than, other employees. This helps him build rapport. It also helps the assistant manager ensure that the work that needs to be completed is getting done.


Developing organizational skills can help a person become a more effective assistant manager.


Assistant managers are often required to work nights, holidays and weekends.