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Associate Dean Job Description

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An associate dean is an educational administrator who usually works in a college setting. The dean may also work for charter or private schools. In the position, the dean will carry out duties in a leadership position for each assigned department. As an educational administrator, the dean manages faculty through collaboration and strategic planning while following the guidelines for the given educational institution.


In the way of duties, the associate dean is responsible for directing and coordinating admissions. He takes the leadership role in health, counseling and career services. Since the associate dean may head more than one department, specifics concerning financial aid, housing, residential life and social and recreational programs may also be included in his job duties. The associate dean must represent the educational institution and serve on any committees that are appropriate for advancement of the school or students. He works with the head dean and other staff members to develop and monitor annual budgets.

He administers grants for particular programs. Coordinating classes and faculty is another duty belonging to the associate dean. He evaluates faculty who may be full time or adjunct.


An individual usually moves to the position of associate dean from being a professor in that particular department. This means the associate would hold a master’s or doctoral degree. An associate dean leading more than one department benefits from college coursework in school leadership, school law, school finance and budgeting, curriculum development and evaluation, research design and data analysis, community relations, politics in education and counseling, according to The National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) and the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC). However, these courses are not mandatory to procure the position of associate dean.


Being an effective leader but a team player is a vital skill for this education administrator to have. She is a promotional tool for staff development and ensures these developments are positive and goal-oriented. She has the skill to nurture good faculty relationships and best pedagogical practices. Encouraging staff and students is an essential skill as well. She is proactive in taking ventures that secure financial and academic growth of the educational institution.

Working Environment

Working long but rewarding hours goes along with the detailed description of performing associate dean duties. As a representative of the school, this educational administrator may work well more than 40 hours a week, including late nights and weekends. It can be said the associate dean is on call for students, faculty and institution at all times.

Salary and Job Outlook

As of March 2010, according to, persons holding an associate dean position within an educational institution earns an annual salary ranging from $88,668 to $131,045. Salary ranges depend on size and location of the institution. It also depends on the credentials the professional holds.

Looking into the future of education—increased enrollment of students means there is need for education administrators to increase to oversee these students. More school-age children are entering school and many adults are choosing to continue or start education in college coursework. With this being the case, education administrator positions such as associate dean was expected to increase 8 percent from 2008 to 2018.


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