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Job Description for a High School Dean of Students

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A high school dean of students is an education professional who is responsible for the academic progress of students. He promotes good attendance rates and ensures school safety and the prevention of campus violence. Additionally, he supports the teaching staff by developing classroom management programs, identifying students with attendance issues or disciplinary problems and addresses those issues with parents to create a positive outcome.

Job Responsibilities

A high school dean of students works with counselors and tutors to establish development plans for those students showing signs of academic struggle. She will also proactively evaluate the overall effectiveness of the programs developed with counselors and tutors. The dean of students is also responsible for implementing strategies that will motivate and inspire students to succeed and stay in school. She will also be expected to monitor student attendance rates and ensure they remain high.

In addition, a high school dean of students is responsible for all school activities such as prom, dances and other social events. She will also work with senior administration officials to evaluate teacher performance and offer other supervisory duties as needed by the principal.

Job Opportunities

Most high school systems promote people from within so competition when applying from outside a school system will be tough. However, the most qualified candidates should apply directly with a high school in the local community or by networking with fellow teachers and administrators. Internet job searches will also provide several hits on current openings, and it is important to note that many rural communities are actively seeking administration professionals, including high school dean of students.

Qualitative Requirements

A qualified high school dean of students should have several years of teaching experience and have excellent oral and written communication skills. A typical schedule requires that he arrive before the students and leave after the final bell has rung, so being open to a flexible work schedule is important. Additionally, experience working with students and parents on development issues to effectively analyze problems and concerns is helpful.

Educational Requirements

A high school dean of students must have a bachelor's degree but most school systems prefer a graduate degree. In urban environments, the ability to speak a second language is not required, but helpful

Average Compensation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for a high school dean of students is approximately $77,740 per year.


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