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The Duties of a Remediation Teacher

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A remediation teacher works with the children, and sometimes adults, who need a lot of help with their reading and math skills. She works alongside the students' regular teacher and works one-on-one with the students who need the most help. Remediation is the act or process of changing a fault or deficiency, according to the American Heritage Dictionary.

Classroom Duties

A remediation teacher's main duty is to work very closely with the principal, students' teacher and the rest of the staff. She assesses the students' levels of functioning in reading and in math. She provides remediation for students who are struggling in reading and math. She conducts the pre-tests and post-tests to see where the students' strengths and weaknesses are. She works one-on-one with any of the students who are struggling in those two main areas of academia.

Outside-of-Classroom Duties

Remediation teachers work cooperatively with the staff, especially during staff development and trainings, and create activities based on the curriculum that will help the remedial students. A remediation teacher maintains the data collection for the classroom teachers. He manages students' records in a timely and appropriate way. He also assists the staff in any other way. He counsels special needs children and works closely with their parents.

Helping Students

Remediation teachers help those students who might not get a fair deal in society. They also work hard to help these students to advance back into the mainstream of education. A remediation teacher works with the kids who have the hardest time learning and retaining the information, like normal students. As part of this process, she submits progress reports periodically to show a student's progress.