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Advantages and Disadvantages of Working With Preschool Children

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A preschool teacher must love children, since she will be spending everyday with them. This is a job that can be very rewarding, but also incredibly stressful. The right person for the job is very dedicated to creating a fun, educational and safe environment for her students, at all times.


It is very rewarding to be able to teach a preschooler a story, game or skill. Preschool children are very young, and many things are new to them. Teachers are able to experience the joy of watching their students learn how to do things for the first time.


By spending their days with small children, preschool teachers are able to work on their communication and personal skills and even learn new things from the children. It's not just the preschoolers learning from the teachers, the adults often benefit from their time with the children.

Dealing with Parents

Sometimes it can be difficult to deal with parents of preschool children. They can insist that their child receives special treatment, try to tell the teacher how to do their job, consistently show up late to pick the child up or be the source of any number of other stressful things. A preschool teacher may enjoy working with all of the children but find it very hard to interact with some of the parents.

Physically Exhausting

Preschool teachers must constantly be on their feet. Additionally teachers have to frequently bend down to talk to children and may be required to lift students on occasion. Teachers are constantly running around from one end of the classroom to the other to make sure the children are safe and on task. The job can be physically demanding.


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