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About Us

Career Trend is the ultimate companion for your professional journey.

On the long, winding road toward career success, there are many bumps and detours – everything from your gruelling first job to a complete shift in career paths.

We're here to guide you through those obstacles and provide the information you need to successfully navigate your professional life. Whether you're redesigning a resumé, gearing up for a job interview or negotiating a salary raise, Career Trend will be there to help every step of the way.

What We Are

We strive to offer the strongest, most diverse career content on the web. When we create articles, we always keep the following in mind:

  • Always be credible. Most people spend eight hours per day – half of their waking lives – at work. That's a huge investment of time and energy. We want to match that investment by ensuring our information is always trustworthy and helpful.
  • Always be factual. Much of our content relies on up-to-date industry data and trends. As the go-to resource for career information, we want to make sure those numbers are always correct.
  • Always be relatable. Our content draws from real-world examples and gives you the perspective you need to make smart career moves.
  • Always be positive. We're here to be your trusted companion. Like a friend or mentor, we strive to offer information and advice in a helpful manner, without being condescending.

What We Aren't

As a credible source for career tips, we empower and motivate readers with high-quality content. That said, we strive to:

  • Never be patronizing. Your career can be a major source of stress and anxiety. We're here to provide answers, but in a way that's always polite, encouraging and supportive.
  • Never be confusing. Even as we provide information across a variety of career paths, we never lean too heavily on industry jargon and technical language. In a journey full of ups and downs, reading Career Trend should be easy.
  • Never be too generic. Every career and workplace scenario is different. Our content is never too all-encompassing, ensuring that we address the subtleties of every topic.

Who We Serve

We serve anyone driven to take control of their professional destiny. That said, our readers are:

  • Motivated. The Career Trend reader is inspired to make a change, whether that involves switching jobs or getting a well-deserved promotion. They're on the hunt for information to spark those big changes.
  • Curious. Our reader actively seeks answers to career-related questions, hoping to gather as much information as possible.

Meet Our Team

Scott Messer, Vice President
Scott Messer
Vice President
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Paul Rohwer
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Justin Chandler
Product & Operations
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Cathy Flanagan
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Jacob Lauing
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Cindy Yan
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Matthew Theisen
Data Scientist
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Sumanik Singh
Data Scientist
Jesse Harold, Engineer
Jesse Harold
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Kalyn Beach
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Tam Nguyen
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Nhu Trinh
Woaria Rashid, Editorial
Woaria Rashid

Our Writers

If you have an idea that you believe would benefit our readers, or would like to pitch an idea for Career Trend, we'd love to hear from you. The best way to pitch work is to contact us below.

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