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Writing a Resume for a Sales Position in a Hotel

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Sales careers involve promoting a company's products or services. Hotel sales careers are unique and mutlifaceted because of the different services an average hotel supplies. Hotels should provide a home-away-from-home atmosphere for their guests, which entails managing a lot of details in order to ensure client satisfaction. When composing a resume for a sales job in a hotel, focus on the ability to multitask and address guests' concerns.

Core Skills

Dedicate one section of your resume to core competencies. When employers are reviewing resumes, they look for job skills that ensure a new employee can hit the ground running. In hotel sales, these skills center around marketing and interacting with people. Two competencies you could list for hotel sales are skills in giving presentations and producing marketing materials.


The accomplishments section of a resume lists specific achievements in the area of hotel sales. Here, managers look for challenges that you have overcome and special recognition you have received. When writing this part of a resume, consider where you have used creative solutions to handle difficult situations. For example, a hotel salesperson's accomplishments could be "Managed multiple accounts during the Super Bowl season at ABC hotel."


A resume written for hotel sales positions should list previous experience. To tailor a resume for a specific position, note the duties required and desired experience needed on the job description. Contrast those findings against previous work experience and then list what previous responsibilities correlate. For example, under the listing for a past company, you can say "Met with organizations who needed meeting rooms and sold aspects of our hotel to match their needs."

Education and Training

In a final section of a hotel sales resume, note previous educational experience. In addition to listing the traditional high school and college degrees and when they were obtained, note special sales training you have completed. List any additional certification related to hospitality.