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Sales Promoter Duties

For those who enjoy engaging with customers during the sales process, a career in sales promotion may be financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. Sales promoters act as intermediary ambassadors to customers as they work to solicit potential new clients.

Adhering to the Marketing Plan

Marketing plans are devised by a company's marketing team in order to identify the best ways in which to sell and promote products and services. Sales promoters are charged with carrying out the tactical aspects of a marketing strategy in order to achieve key performance indicators or goals (See References 1). For instance, if a marketing plan calls for soliciting large numbers of car enthusiasts, then the sales promoter may go to a car show or convention to engage with car lovers face to face. If aspects of a marketing plan don't work in real life application, the sales promoter can deliver that information to their marketing team so that they can alter their strategy.

Interact with Customers

Directly interacting with customers is a critical component of a sales promoter's job. He must work with a customer to identify what their individual needs are and determine if the products or services he has to offer can satisfy those needs (See References 1). This process can include answering customer's questions about the product and advising them of the different ways in which they can use the promoter's products or services.