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How to Sell Hotel Rooms

Selling a hotel room is the process of making a room reservation for a guest. It is the job of a reservation agent or reservationist to sell hotel rooms. Selling a hotel room can be a challenge. However, with the right tools a reservation agent or reservationist can turn 90 percent of their hotel inquiries into sales.

Selling Hotel Rooms

Train on site. There are accrediting schools that offer hotel sales training such as the University of Phoenix, but training on site will offer a better understanding of the hotel. This will give you complete knowledge about the hotel and their reservation system. On site training will provide you with the all the hotel information, including the room rates, packages and room descriptions.

Provide excellent customer service for each guest who calls. Give each guest respect and courtesy and speak in a professional manner. Smile when you are talking to guests, whether in person or on the phone, as this will help build a relationship, which could lead to sales.

Quickly identify the guest's needs and desires for her reservation. Listen closely to what the guest tells you and match her needs to a hotel room. For example, she may request a ground floor room or one with a refrigerator, or a room with an ocean view. However, if that room is not available offer a compromise based on the information that you have received from the guest.

Offer the guest alternatives to lower his room rate if he seems hesitant. Ask the guest questions about any type of memberships he may have that can lower the rate, such as AAA. However, if a lower rate is not available, offer room packages that the hotel may have.

If the hotel offers any complementary services such as free breakfast or evening h'or doeuvres give the guest that information. Provide specifics about any special services that the hotel has to offer such as a spa treatments.


Take keyboarding and 10-key classes at your local community college to strengthen your reservation data input accuracy

  • Take keyboarding and 10-key classes at your local community college to strengthen your reservation data input accuracy

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