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Hotel Operator Job Description

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A hotel operator is another name for a hotel manager. This hospitality employee is responsible for managing the day-to-day issues of a hotel. Hotel operators must meet a number of requirements to excel at this job.


A hotel operator ensures that each guest has a safe and enjoyable hotel stay. She must coordinate reservations (sleeping and meeting rooms), maintenance, decide on marketing initiatives for the hotel and oversee the hotel's profits and computer system. She must direct, hire and train hotel employees.


A bachelor's degree in hospitality management or business is preferred, though a person with a solid background in hospitality (such as experience working at a hotel) will be considered for this position. Candidates can also enroll in two-year lodging management programs to prepare for this career.


A hotel manager must have superior communication and people skills. He will have to deal with difficult hotel guests and a variety of employees. A hotel manager must be disciplined and organized.

Work Environment

A hotel operator will commonly have to work more than 40 hours a week and be on call in case of emergencies. They work in the back office of the hotel and spend time at the front desk to ensure everything runs smoothly.


Hotel operators or general managers can make anywhere between $66,525 to $122,036, with $93,763 as the median salary, according to