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How to Deal With an Angry Customer as a Hotel Front Desk Agent

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Angry customers are probably the worst part of a customer service job. You need to consider several factors when dealing with angry hotel customers. Simply fixing the problem won’t cut it. You must first sympathize with the customer. After the guest realizes you are on his side, his anger will often diminish. A calm customer will be open to help, unlike an angry customer. Minimize stress as a front desk hotel agent with a calm, assertive and positive attitude.

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Remain calm with an angry hotel customer. Being calm puts others at ease. Be patient and listen to the hotel guest. Tell the customer you genuinely care about her problem and will do everything in your power to find a resolution.

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Show the hotel guest you are eager to solve the problem. Provide him with a complimentary beverage at the hotel restaurant if the problem takes longer to fix. Keep in contact with the guest with frequent updates, so the customer knows you are actively working on the problem.

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Sympathize with an angry hotel guest and acknowledge his anger. After an angry hotel customer feels he has been heard, you will be able to move on to find a resolution.

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Use responses such as, “You have every right to be upset over this problem,” “It bothers me this problem has made you unhappy, but I’d like the opportunity to try to make it better,” “I see that you are upset and I don’t blame you. Let me try to help.” Be positive and consider the possibility that a customer may be dealing with personal issues unrelated to the problem at hand.

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Be diplomatic if you are unable to resolve the problem. Explain what you are able to do to help the customer. Suggest to the customer that he take the issue further by talking with management or writing a letter to the hotel's corporate office. Use non-judging sensitivity with angry hotel customers.

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Ask for assistance from a manager if a hotel customer becomes hostile. Remember: Just because a person chooses not to behave in a decent manner, it does not mean you have to take the abuse. Call hotel security if a customer becomes physically violent.

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Avoid taking a hotel customer’s angry outbursts personally. Reactive behavior will only intensify the problem. The hospitality industry requires a hotel agent to have thick skin when dealing with angry customers. Remember: You did not deliberately intend to anger a hotel guest. Practice detachment and focus on solving the unhappy customer's problem.