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How to Handle a Customer Complaint of Hair in the Food

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How to Handle a Customer Complaint of Hair in the Food. Few things ruin a meal like finding a hair in your food. This unsanitary accident can absolutely disgust patrons and cause them to question the overall quality of your restaurant. Knowing how to handle this situation is an important part of running a good establishment.

Listen to the customer's complaint without saying a word. Every person will react to a situation like this differently. However, every customer wants to have his say in the situation. Listen without interrupting the story. This shows that you are concerned about this issue and value his comments.

Ask to see the food in a polite way. You will want to remove the food as soon as possible, but do not ask to see the plate in an accusatory way. The important thing to remember is that you wouldn't like hair in your food either. Be sympathetic.

Remain on the customer's side. Never argue with a customer, even if you are positive none of your cook staff would allow a meal to be prepared with a hair in it. Arguing with a customer makes it seem like there is something to hide or that you do not value the customer's opinion.

Tell the customer that you will quickly get them a replacement dish and ask if there is anything else you can do. Different customers will need different things to feel satisfied. Some will be happy with an apology and replacement, while others will need to have the meal for free.

Do whatever the customer asks, as long as it is within reason. A free meal is an inexpensive way to save your restaurant's reputation and will build goodwill between you and the customer.


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