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The Duties of a Jack in the Box Cashier

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As a cashier at a Jack in the Box fast-food restaurant, you are the public face of not just your store, but the franchise as well. Your duties will put you in direct contact with customers, whether it is taking food orders, handling money, or giving the customer their food and beverages. You may be asked to clean the store as well.

Taking Food Orders

As a cashier, you will take orders in the front of the house and the drive-through window. At the front of the house, you will be in direct contact with customers, so it is important to greet them and answer any questions they may ask of you. Be sure to repeat their order back to them to alleviate any confusion on the order. When working the drive-through, it is crucial to be friendly and attentive. While you are not face to face with your customer during this process, your attention and quality customer service will give them more incentive to return to your restaurant.

Knowledge of the POS System

When working as a cashier, you will need full knowledge of the Jack in the Box Point-of-Sale system. Mastering the POS system will enable you to quickly place orders, a key ingredient to a fast-food restaurant. The quicker you can place your orders, the faster you will be able to satisfy the customer.

Know Your Products

Since you will be the face of the restaurant, prepare to receive questions about your products. Customers will ask if they can have certain burgers without onions or cheese. They may even ask about the nutritional value of your food. It is crucial to have an understanding of everything on the menu. Answer questions clearly and concisely to help your customers know and understand what it is they are ordering.

Know Your Math

One of the most important things to have is a basic understanding of math. Math skills will be crucial when dealing with cash. Often, customers will pay for their food with cash in an amount that will need change. Accurately counting back change to the customer is key, not only keeping your cash register balanced, but also from preventing any unnecessary problems with your customer.

Maintaining the Cleanliness of the Restaurant

A dirty restaurant is a major deterrent for customers. It is important to keep not only your work station clear and clean, but the tables and trash bins clean and empty as well. During down times,cruise the restaurant lobby and pick up any trash or food that has been left behind.


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