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The main function of the hospitality industry is to make people feal at home, whether they are staying in a hotel or dining in a restaurant. Employees who have successful careers in hospitality have a combination of inherent skills and training.


Working in hospitality requires empathy for guests. When an employee identifies with a guest's situation, the highest level of understanding is reached, and the employee is best suited to meet the guest's needs.


Hospitality jobs require lots of guest contact. People who love being around other people are a natural fit for the industry, and guests enjoy being around them.


The nonstop nature of the hospitality business often requires quick action. Hotel employees need to make decisions quickly in order to maintain a high level of service. Employees must also realize the time-sensitive nature of service fulfillment, especially in food service.


Employees should be intuitive and anticipate guest needs. Not only does this maximize efficiency, but it impresses the guest.


In addition to developing personal skills that make one successful in the hospitality business, employees should also complete training in food and liquor regulations, conflict resolution and service standards.


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