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VIP Host Job Description

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When a patron of a five star resort, hotel or casino regularly spends a lot of money on-site, she receives preferential treatment by the VIP host, a customer service specialist. According to information provided at, the median annual salary for this position in 2009 in the United States was $47,831.

Job Duties

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Making the VIP customer feel pampered, spoiled and eager to return to the location is the main duty of the job. Good relations with in-house management and local businesses provide the host with outlets to obtain favors and make deals.


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A VIP host increases revenues by building good will and customer loyalty.

Skill Requirements

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Charm and charisma are necessary to excel at this job. Negotiation talents are required to obtain coveted entertainment and sports event tickets and secure reservations at top eateries.

Work Environment

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The work atmosphere is energetic, friendly and pleasure oriented. Sharp and professional business attire is required.

Preferred Background

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Experience in high-end customer service positions is desirable. Background in the hospitality industry is preferred.


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