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Cart Pusher Position Description

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Customers at large retail operations use shopping carts to collect items for purchase. A cart pusher is in charge of the store’s carts, both inside and outside of the location.

Job Duties

Keeping the shopping carts clear of debris and in the cart corral are the main job duties. Some cart pushers help customers transport their purchases to their cars and unload their items. The cart pusher segregates damaged carts for maintenance and repair. He may be required to collect and re-shelve misplaced merchandise strewn throughout the store.

Skill Requirements

Organizational abilities are needed to collect carts on a regular schedule. Interpersonal communication skills facilitate good customer communications. General knowledge of the retail operation and its inventory is required.

Preferred Background

A high school diploma or equivalent is necessary. Experience working with the public is an asset. Background in retail sales is a plus. The ability to understand and speak English is helpful.


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