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Beer Merchandiser Job Description

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beer merchandisers work in grocery, department, drug and liquor stores across the country to keep beer on the shelves and the displays appealing for consumers.


A beer merchandiser is responsible for installing and placing sales materials in stores.


Another responsibility of beer merchandisers is to assemble displays and maintain them. This means assuring that the display is full of beer and properly marked at all times.


One of the most important jobs of a beer merchandiser is to make sure the product is properly rotated. He places the oldest beer in the front so the stock is always fresh.

Company Areas

A beer merchandiser must also maintain a clean work area. The work area includes the company car, the storage area in the store and the shelves in the liquor department.


Beer merchandisers must be available at all times to support stores and help them with any sales or product questions.


Salaries vary based on exerience, and lists the average salary for a beer merchandiser, as of November 10, 2009, as $21,000.


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