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How to Become a Budweiser Promotion Girl

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Beer companies have always used beautiful women to promote their products, from the buxom blonde barmaid on the label of St. Pauli Girl, to the stunning beauty pageant winners of the Miss Rheingold contest, to the wholesome girl-next-door models in Drewrys beer commercials from the 1960s. Attractive brand ambassadors are still widely used today by Budweiser and other beer companies to promote their brands by offering samples at on-premise establishments, beer festivals and special events around the country, and Bud Girls and Bud Light Girls enjoy tremendous opportunities as well as an exciting job.

Who Hires Beer Girls

Smaller and midsize breweries such as Narragansett may do their own hiring, but for larger breweries such as Budweiser, the regional beer distributor is the point of contact. You can find the contact information for Anheuser-Busch distributors on the ABWholesaler website.

You may also be able to find work as a Bud Girl through modeling agencies. Some of the larger distributors -- not Budweiser directly -- go through agencies to simplify the process, and if you contact the distributor, they may send you to an agency to apply. There are also some modeling agencies -- such as the CMT Agency -- that specialize in beer promotions for Bud as well as other brands.

What to Expect

You wouldn't think that giving away free beer would be hard, but there is a lot involved in being a Bud Girl. Expect to visit bars and restaurants, and hand out beer samples and freebies such as T-shirts and bottle openers to an eager audience. You are representing Budweiser as part of this job, and part of that is directly engaging customers in conversation and increasing brand awareness -- all while staying positive, upbeat and chatty, and always with a smile. Expect to be in photos as well -- not only in casual photos taken by patrons, but in promotional photo opportunities organized by the brand or distributor.

With this job description in mind, prepare in advance with a professional photo portfolio and a list of any other brand ambassador experience you may have.

Where You Will Work

In addition to on-premise drinking establishments, beer girls are commonly hired to serve samples at beer festivals, such as the Chicago Beer Festival or the much-anticipated Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Beer festivals often draw crowds of thousands of people, and working a booth at one of these can be exhausting, requiring a combination of constant serving as well as talking up the brand to everyone that comes by. In addition to beer festivals, you may also be called on to represent the brand at car or motorcycle shows, concerts, local pubs and even college football tailgate parties.


There's a lot more to being a Budweiser promotion girl than handing out beer samples. More than anything, it requires an outgoing personality and good communication skills. Young but over 21, Bud Girls can make up to $25 to $35 an hour, according to, although the rate may vary depending on the engagement and who is doing the hiring. Modeling experience isn't necessary, but it is important to have a good set of photos when you apply, and to be willing to work nights and weekends. Beer companies do hire attractive girls, but you don't have to be a supermodel -- the most important thing is the ability to smile and laugh, and have fun while engaging your customers.

It is also important to be knowledgeable about the product. You are, after all, a brand ambassador, and your customers may ask you questions about the history of the brand, the brewing process, alcohol content or what different varieties may be available other than what you are offering.


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