How to Become a Female Model Over 50-Years-Old

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Modeling often brings to mind tall, gorgeous women strutting down the catwalks of Milan and Paris; but such scenes form only a small part of the modeling industry. The truth is, there are numerous modeling opportunities for women over 50. With immense numbers of baby boomers approaching and well-past this age, there is a growing market for products that cater to them, and this has led to an increased demand for models of similar ages to promote those products.

Getting Started

Do some self-analysis. Ask yourself whether you are comfortable with being in front of a camera and meeting new people. Think about whether you're up for the challenge of accepting honest criticism from strangers about your appearance. You'll need confidence to work as a model, regardless of your age.

Take some pictures of yourself. You should have a closeup of your face and a full length shot of your entire body. Make sure you smile genuinely. Dress conservatively, without too much makeup. Have a friend take several different shots, so you can have a variety to choose from. Select the best full-length shot and the best closeup, and ask people you trust for their opinions.

Research modeling agencies online. Look for ones that have a "Classic" or "Sophisticate" section; this is where the work for female models over 50 will be. The most prestigious modeling agencies are located in New York City. If you don't live within a reasonable distance of the Big Apple, there may be other agencies near you that also have work for your age group.

Submit your information to the modeling agencies you have selected. Generally you can do this on their websites, but some may request submissions via postal service. Regardless of the delivery method, include the two photos you have selected and your contact information; including address, cell phone number and email address. Also include your age, height and shoe size, as well as your dress size. Don't forget your bust, waist and hip measurements, too. The agencies will contact you for an interview, if they are interested.


Don't be discouraged if you don't hear from the modeling agencies. They typically receive submissions all the time, and their needs are constantly changing. Submit yourself to them again in six months.


Reputable modeling agencies will never charge you money to submit to them -- or for any other service. If an agency asks you for money before actually booking a modeling job for you, avoid them at all costs.