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How to Become a Catalog Model

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Ever look through clothing catalogs and think you could be that person wearing the clothes? These people are catalog models and, unlike runways models, they aren't all tall and skinny. In fact, most are of average or slightly above-average height and have fit, toned bodies.

Work on your overall physique. You need a fit and toned body with clear skin and good teeth. Make sure your teeth are white. No one wants to hire someone with yellow teeth.

Measure yourself. You need to know your exact measurements because casting directors and others will ask you for them quite often. The closer you are to a "true size," the better off you'll be and the more often you'll work. Companies want models that fit their clothes perfectly.

Try on lots of clothes to see what looks good on you. Get to know how you look in photos and posed in various ways. Have a professional photographer take some photos of you.

Find agents to send your photos to. Send a portfolio and cover sheet to each one. Wait for responses and take meetings with potential agents. Sign when you find someone you feel comfortable with. While waiting during this process, contact local clothing companies and others who put out catalogs. Offer your services free in exchange for prints for your portfolio.

Go to all the go-sees, fittings and auditions your agent sends you out on. Always take a portfolio with you and show up dressed properly. Apply clean, fresh-faced makeup and keep a positive attitude.


Don&#039;t make drastic changes to your look (hair color, extreme tanning, tatoos) without notifying your agent and others, as it can affect your contracts and future with catalogs.