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How to Get Into Teen Male Modeling

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Teen male models are sought after for their looks and their ability to highlight clothes or some other object that an advertiser is selling. In order to be noticed, land an agent and get paying jobs as a male model, you'll need determination and patience.

Obtain full body and close-up photographs. These should be taken against a white background while you are wearing fitted clothing. If you have a talented friend or family member, snapshots are okay when you're first getting started. As soon as you can afford it, hire a professional photographer for higher quality shots.

Contact modeling agencies in your area to find out if they are having an open call. An open call is a time when agents open their doors to new models who want to be considered for representation. Bring copies of your photographs.

Send your snapshots and relevant information such as contact information, your height, weight and body measurements and hair and eye color to modeling agencies if you don't live in a large city.

Start working out if your goal is to be a fitness model. While being a body builder isn't necessary, male fitness models are expected to be very fit and have well-defined muscles. While you're waiting for your big break, consider following high school with a course in personal training. Working as a personal trainer is one way to start building a name for yourself, which will transfer over as you work toward landing modeling jobs.

Pay attention to any movies or television spots that are being shot in your area, and do what you can to become an extra on the set. This will look great on your resume and help you stand out from the crowd.


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