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How to Become a Fitness Model

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To be a fitness model, you have to be gifted with the genetics of a body that, with training, can achieve a look of near perfection. However, it is not enough to be blessed with the natural physique of a potential fitness model. You must also be committed to achieving and maintaining optimal fitness and doing whatever it takes to promote yourself to potential employers.

Get in Crazy Good Shape

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To become a fitness model your entire life must be structured around perfecting your physique. This includes maintaining a strict dietary and training regimen that requires a substantial investment of time and money. In an article in "Iron Man Magazine," pro fitness model Vince Del Monte stressed the importance of time above all else. In preparation for a competition or photo shoot, Del Monte trains twice a day, and eats six times a day. The rigorous training of a fitness model may leave little room for normal day-to-day activities such as working a traditional job, or socializing.

Compete Against Other Hot Bodies

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Once you have attained an optimal level of fitness, enter competitions to network and gain exposure. Many women begin a fitness modeling career by competing in fitness and figure bikini competitions. These competitions are often sponsored by companies that are major players in the fitness industry and potential sources of future modeling jobs. Even though muscle bulk is not always necessary for female fitness modeling, body building competitions are a common entry into the field for both women and men.

Flex Your Muscles for the Camera

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Professional photographs are essential to show your hard-earned physique at its best. If you can afford to hire a well-known fitness photographer to build your portfolio it could be worth the investment. According to Del Monte, male fitness models schedule their photo shoots directly after competitions to capture their bodies in near perfect shape after months of intense training. Del Monte confessed that even fitness models can't stay in contest shape for long, so it is important to capitalize on it while it lasts.

Work it Into a Career

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Once you have professional photographs, submit them to health and fitness magazines and websites that you admire. Many have photo submission pages featured on their websites. Competition is fierce so do not be deterred by rejection. Writing articles for fitness magazines, writing your own fitness blog and posting fitness videos Online are also effective methods for increasing your exposure. Modeling agents that specialize in fitness, such as Naturally Fit Agency, may help you land higher profile jobs than you would be able to book on your own. Models may submit photographs and apply for representation through the agency's website.


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