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How to Become a Male Fitness Model

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the modeling industry will grow by 14 percent from 2010 to 2020. The data also reveal that as of 2011, models earned approximately $32,920 annually. John W. Babin, co-director of the men's division at Red Model Management, said that the modeling industry was more lucrative to female models than male models. "Forbes" magazine reports that the most successful male fitness models earn approximately $500,000 per year. A successful male fitness model needs to know a few things.


Eat a balanced diet. Include a balance of carbohydrates, vitamins and proteins to supply your body with nutrition. Concentrate on healthful foods such as whey protein, lean cuts of beef, beans, egg whites, and fish. Supplement your diet with nutrients contained in fresh fruits and vegetables such as berries, broccoli, kiwis, and green beans. Fruits and vegetables are essential for healthy skin and hair. Avoid sugary and salty foods or those containing preservatives. Keep away from carbonated drinks and alcohol, which are detrimental to your skin and may result in bloating. Instead, drink plenty of water daily to keep your skin hydrated and flush out toxins from your body.


Engage in a regular excise regimen. Join a gym or hire a personal trainer to direct you on the appropriate exercises. Focus on cardio exercises such as jumping rope, walking, biking and kickboxing. Cardio exercises are essential for muscle building and burning fats in the body. Increase your body’s anaerobic threshold -- the process of removing lactic acid -- by engaging in exercises such as running or treadmill training. Supplement your cardio-training with crunches and sit-ups to build up your abs.


Conduct research on professional photographers who specialize in male fitness models. Select an influential photographer who regularly gets his photography in magazines. Practice on the poses that accentuate your best features, and hide flaws such as fatty areas or scars. Practice facial expressions in front of a mirror and decide which are best. You will need a head shot photo and a full body shot. The full body shot should show off your major muscle groups -- your quads, back, and abs.


Advertise yourself. Make a portfolio of your photos and details such as your weight, height and body measurements. Attend casting calls and auditions for fitness models. Read fitness magazines to learn about the requirements of fitness models in auditions. Visit modeling agencies and fashion businesses and submit your portfolios. Make a calendar featuring yourself and some of your friends and distribute it in fashion businesses; you can find templates for calendars online. Hire an agent to assist you with the most profitable bookings. Select a reputable agent; some run scams to rip-off aspiring models. You should pay the agent only after you get a booking.

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