How to Become a Target Model

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Target has expanded its base of models to include a variety of body types and skin colors. If you've ever dreamed of modeling for Target, don't let the stereotypical idea of a "model" stop you. Now more than ever, retailers are seeking "real people" to model for them.

If you're interested in modeling for Target or a similar retailer, that would qualify you as a "catalog model." These are commercial models who reflect a company's customer base. Still, you'll want to keep your skin, hair and teeth in great shape to make sure you stand out.

Hone Your Look

Commercial models sell products, and certain types of models are best for selling certain types of products. What's your type? Consider your age, gender, general style and body type. What would you be the best at selling? If Target hires you, will it be to model clothes for the company's young adult section, or would you be more likely to model mature fashions? Figure out what your look is, and own it.

Find an Agency

Most major U.S. brands such as Target stick with company-approved modeling agencies in big cities, such as New York and Los Angeles. This ensures the company is working with reliable professional models.

Hunt around for a trusted modeling agency. To sign on with an agency, you'll probably have to go through an interview process in which you register online and send in your head shots along with other information requested by the agency. You might have to pay a booking fee for your appointment, and if you're signed, the agency will deduct a fee – normally between 10 and 20 percent.

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Brought to you by Sapling
Brought to you by Sapling

Get to Work

Keep in mind that even after successfully signing on with an agency, you aren't guaranteed castings or jobs. But you can communicate with your agency if there's a company (such as Target) that you've been dying to model for.

Once you've signed on, the rest is up to your agency. It will find you work, check on your availability and handle payment, as well as deal with the client if you come across any obstacles during your shoot. At this point, your job is to be a timely, persistent and professional model, and you can expect that, with time, you'll have opportunities to appear in ads for your favorite retailers.

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