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How to Become a Kids Abercrombie Model

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If becoming a model is your dream, that's one thing. If becoming an Abercrombie Kid's model is your dream, you're in for a lot of work. Because there are so many other aspects of life for the kid, becoming an Kid's Abercrombie Model is tough. It's not impossible, though, and after taking particular steps, it should be even easier.

Get the Job

You need to set up your portfolio. Before any agent will look at you, this is imperative. Include as much information about you as possible: shoe size, shirt size, pant size, height and weight. The more you include, the less time wasted when you're at a potential shoot. Include five different pictures with the portfolio.

Find an agent that specialize in kids models. You don't want a movie agent or a music agent. You want a modeling agent. By getting specific, you're going to find someone who knows the trade the best. That way, your agent can find you gigs almost immediately.

Resume building is key. Understand that you won't become an Abercrombie model overnight. Do some random shoots to build your portfolio and get to know more people. In this business, it is all about networking. If your agent calls and says, for example, "I found a company that needs a model for a pamphlet." Say yes. Take the job so that when the time comes to meet with Abercrombie representatives, they can see what you've done already.

Stay on a strict diet and workout regimen. It's obvious that modeling agencies don't hire overweight or out-of-shape models. They want the most beautiful and the most handsome that there are.

When the Abercrombie modeling gig appears for you, prepare for it. Talk to your agent about what is going to happen there. Get a haircut before hand. Look as clean as possible. Boys need to shave if they have facial hair. Women need to make sure that everything is straight. The better you look when you walk in, the better your chance.

Wait. They're going to sit down and look at all of the photographs that they took. If they like you, they'll call you or they'll call your agent.

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