How to Become a Macy's Model

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Modeling for Macy's is a top-tier modeling job, often reserved for the most in-demand print and runway models. You can become one of those models if you're willing to pay your dues, by signing up with an agency and building a strong portfolio. It is also essential that you do all you can to research the "look" of Macy's models and mimic them as much as you can.

Step 1

Sign up with a modeling agency. You're in for a tough time becoming a Macy's model (or any other type of model, for that matter) if you don't sign up. Research modeling agencies in your area, and call to schedule a consultation.

Step 2

Tell the modeling agency representative that your ultimate goal is to model for Macy's. Be specific--do you want to model clothes during runway shows or be a print model for the catalog? Your representative may tell you upfront which goal is most realistic for you. If you have the physical assets (including a fit body and high cheekbones), the rep will design a strategy for you to become a Macy's model.

Step 3

Get an agent. Your modeling agency will set you up with an agent who can work hard to have you appear in Macy's and other brand-name catalogs. Listen carefully to your agent--even if he lines up a modeling job that doesn't appeal to you, it is another job that goes into your portfolio. Each job will impress Macy's modeling recruiters all the more.

Step 4

Attend all of Macy's open auditions, or "open calls." Macy's often holds open calls for special modeling campaigns, such as for plus-size women or women over a certain age. The company will specify a time and place for these open auditions, and it may also have an online application for you to fill out.


Some modeling agencies represent models who work for Macy's (see Resources). Contact these agencies and ask them for a consultation.

If you can't find modeling agencies that have placed models with Macy's, at least find one that has a good track record for finding impressive work for models.


Be sure you are physically and psychologically prepared to work as a model before committing yourself. Are you prepared for rejection and hurtful criticism? Long days waiting in line at open calls? What about standing in front of hot lights during photoshoots for hours at a time? If you're hesitant about any of these scenarios, look for another career.