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How to Start a Modeling Career in Your 30s

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While many models start their careers at a young age and have relatively short careers, you can begin modeling later in life and still become a success. Starting a modeling career in your 30s presents several challenges, but if you have the looks for a career in modeling and the drive and determination it takes to pursue your goals, you can find the right path.

Put together a portfolio. Starting a career as a model in your 30s will present challenges by itself. A portfolio that includes several recent photographs of you--as well as a resume showing any experience that can help with a career as a model--will give you something you can take to an agency. Your portfolio should be as professional as possible and include between five and eight glossy photographs (8x10) showing you in a variety of modeling situations. Your portfolio must demonstrate your ability to work well with the camera.

Locate a modeling agency that can find work for you. The reality of the modeling business is that a lot of younger models will get the work if you simply walk into a casting call. A qualified modeling agency can set you up with modeling jobs specifically aimed at older models. Modeling agencies make their money knowing where the jobs are and knowing which models to send to those jobs. Hooking up with a modeling agency will increase your chances of finding work. Some agencies even specialize in finding work for models in their 30s.

Take every opportunity you can to work. Consider taking jobs as a hand or foot model. This may not put you in the spotlight, but it can help build your portfolio. Once you've done some hand or foot modeling work, you will begin to develop contacts in the industry that may give you the opportunity to do larger modeling jobs.


Be confident. Competing with younger models while in your 30s takes hard work, but if you pursue your career with confidence, it will show in the quality of your work.

Good quality photo layouts will get you more work.


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