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How to Become a Teen Male Model in Atlanta, Georgia

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Modeling is a career open to people of all ages, including teenagers. Companies who wish to promote their products to male teenagers need teen male models to do so successfully. Entry into the industry is usually competitive but it is possible to find representation and modeling work in Atlanta, Georgia. Teen models who are under 18 must secure parental consent before they can seek work in this industry. This is necessary since minors cannot enter binding agreements legally. Parental guidance is also important in this industry that, unfortunately, is also attractive to predators.

Assess your appearance honestly. Modeling agencies usually have requirements that potential models must satisfy for a chance at representation. Elite Model Management, for instance, will accept male models who are 15 and older and between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 3 inches tall. Behavioral traits, such as motivation and a commitment to the work, are also important.

Study the modeling industry. Pay particular attention to print ads, runway shows and television commercials featuring male models. Use these sources to learn how male models are expected to compose themselves and present products.

Hire a photographer to photograph you in various poses. You may also work with an amateur photographer as many professional modeling agencies in Atlanta accept amateur pictures. Some photographers who are also trying to build a portfolio will photograph potential models free or at very low cost. Take your parents or guardian with you when meeting someone you do not know.

Attend open calls. Model agencies reserve a few hours of at least one day each week for walk-ins. Anyone wishing for representation at the agency may show up with a portfolio. An agent will evaluate you and your pictures to determine whether the company can represent you.

Submit to agencies online. Some modeling agencies in Atlanta, such as Click Models and Element Models, allow modeling candidates to submit their information on their website (see Resources). Expect to upload at least two pictures that should include a head shot and a body shot.

Attend fashion events and shows featuring male models for the possibility of meeting an agent. These are also opportunities to study professionals and learn from them. Take your pictures with you to show an interested agent.

Read and understand the customary modeling contract. Knowledge of the elements of a good contract will become necessary when an agency is interested in representing you. Your parent or guardian must read any contract carefully to clearly understand the terms. Minors cannot enter a binding contract.

Prepare for modeling work. The agency you register with may send you to take some professional pictures and attend training classes. If so, it is responsible for the cost. When you are ready to begin work, your agent will begin to submit your portfolio to companies in need of male models for available projects


Check with the Better Business Bureau if you are unsure of an agency's credibility (see Resources).


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