How to Become a Body Parts Model

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How to Become a Body Parts Model. When most people think of a model they don't think of someone who is just modeling their feet, hands or legs but that's just what a body parts model does. Body parts models are needed to model things such as watches, hand creams, pantyhose or shoes. Becoming a body parts model can be a competitive, but lucrative way to make a living.

Decide if you have a certain feature that is model material. Most commonly modeled body parts are feet, hands and legs. There may be some need for eye and neck models. Your hands should have long fingers free of scars, blemishes or large pores. You also should maintain perfectly groomed fingernails. Legs should long, tapered, toned and free from cellulite (unless you want to be the "before" in a cellulite ad).

Have professional photos taken. A professional photographer will know how to light and photograph your body part to make it look its best. Check out a photographer before allowing them to take pictures of you. Ask if the photographer has experience taking pictures of body part models. Not all photographers have that expertise. Fine one who does.

Put together a portfolio. A book of your best photos is needed to take with you on auditions. The portfolio is used by casting agents to see how well your body part looks photographed.

Attend an open call at modeling agencies. Look up phone numbers of modeling agencies. Call first to determine if they represent body parts models. Not all agencies do. At an open call you will have the chance to show your portfolio and speak with someone from the agency.

Sign with a modeling agency. If the modeling agency is interested in representing you a contract may be offered. This does not guarantee work. The agency acts as your agent. They provide job leads and negotiate fees.

Go on appointments with potential clients. Some appointments will be set up through your agency. When you do get a job to model always show up on time. Be professional and follow directions given to you by the photographer.


Be aware there are many scams involving modeling. Check out a modeling agency with the Better Business Bureau. Ask a photographer for samples of his pictures.