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How to Become a Male Model at 17

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Being a model requires more than having a commercially attractive face. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get modeling shoots and put yourself in front of the camera. There are several different avenues a male 17-year-old can take to become a model. Print and catalog models have different roles from the high-fashion models you see on the runway. In fact, while many male models are required to be tall and attractive, there are many who can book jobs for print advertisements that simply need to fit the requirements of the shoot. Because you're one year under the legal age of an adult, it is important to bring your parents with your to casting calls and interviews to help sign any legal documents.

Hire a photographer to shoot a head shot. Most modeling agencies will require a simple head shot to determine if you can fulfill their clients' needs. Go through the Yellow Pages or look online to find a photographer that specializes in head shots. Professional head shots will not only make you seem more professional, but will give you an idea if this is the career path you should be taking.

Contact different modeling agencies in your area. Modeling agencies differ from schools, because they pay to train up-and-coming models. Set up an appointment to come in and bring your head shots, or find out if they have a drop-in time when they meet models.

Choose a simple outfit for your modeling appointment. Wear a classic age-appropriate outfit such as jeans and a clean T-shirt. Refrain from wearing old clothes or anything with inappropriate logos.

Show up for the modeling agency appointment on time. Models have a bad reputation for being flaky, and it will reflect poorly on your professionalism if you show up late or without a legal guardian.

Review all paperwork with your parents before signing. Generally, the agency will have an interview and take some shots of you to keep in their files. They will then give you a callback to discuss a contract, or decline your services.


Bring your driver's license with you to the modeling agency to prove your age.


Beware of modeling schools or training seminars that promise that they can get you contracts. Most reputable modeling agencies will themselves train new models how to pose, walk and approach clients.