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How to Become a Female Model Over 50 Years Old

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Women dreaming of walking the runway and gracing the cover of fashion magazines don’t have to give up their dreams just because they’ve left their twenties behind. If you’re still moping because you weren’t discovered as a model while hanging out at a hamburger joint in high school, never fear. The modeling world is still open to women of all ages, even those over the age of fifty. Although the modeling world is difficult to get into at any age, if you have the right look, a little persistence may pay off.

Find an Agency

Modeling agencies represent models. They book them with magazines, designer fashion shows, ad campaigns and a host of other venues where models are used. When a company needs a model, it calls an agency. If you want to model, then you will need an agency. Many agencies represent older models such as Wilhelmina Ford. Before contacting an agency, it is best to have some professional photos taken. Many agencies have a formal submission policy. The Brown Agency, for example, takes electronic submissions only and they require a resume, head shot and contact information.

Education and Skills

Modeling schools and classes can teach you the basics regarding posing and taking good photographs, but it is not a requirement. Many models learn all they need to know on the job, but don’t rule out modeling schools altogether. Many schools sponsor modeling contests and competition. They also put out casting calls for models of all ages. Even if you do not plan on attending classes, contact your local modeling school and give them your information. Landing a model career comes down to a blend of good genetics and luck.

Keep up Your Looks

Accountants, doctors and even lawyers continue to take education classes years after getting their degrees in order to stay current in their prospective industries. By that same equation, if you wish to become a model then you must keep up your talents as well. In the case of modeling that would be your looks and your physique. Staying in shape, avoiding the sun and practicing a good skincare routine will keep you model ready. Keeping abreast of fashion trends by following blogs, reading magazines and attending fashion shows will keep you in the loop of the industry. It could also help you snag a job.


Modeling work for women over fifty is largely advertising and print catalogs. As the population ages, people relate more to people in ads who look like them. No one wants to see a rail thin twenty-something woman advertising adult diapers. That being said, the advertising and print jobs reside in the same places as most of the fashion jobs, in large cities. New York and Los Angeles are the hubs of the fashion industry. Many of the top modeling agencies have offices in these locations. Becoming a model at any age is probably easier in metropolitan areas than a small town in the Midwest. If being a model is on your bucket list, then it may be time to consider a move.


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