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How to Make Working Out Your Job Without Being a Personal Trainer

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Personal trainers are able to take a love of exercise and turn it into a career, guiding and motivating individuals or groups in cardiovascular, strength training and stretching activities. The job requires instructional know-how and marketing savvy -- as well as the ability to provide personal and psychological support to clients -- so it is not for everyone. If working out is your thing, but one-on-one instruction is not, there are a number of other fitness-related professions that might make a better career fit.

Fitness Writer

Writing of any sort is greatly enhanced by a personal interest in what you're writing about, so fitness writing may be a natural career path for someone who works out on a regular basis. Writing about exercise equipment, the latest workout fads or a new local gym keeps you working out while you're on the job. To earn money as a fitness writer, you must first have samples of your work to show prospective employers and clients. Start with a personal exercise blog, and develop new content as frequently as you can. You can also submit articles to publications and websites that focus on fitness and exercise equipment. This gets you exposure. After that, you might be able to develop your blog into a commercial enterprise with corporate sponsors providing your monthly income, gain a full-time job as a fitness writer for a publication, or carve out a career as a free-lance fitness writer submitting articles to a wide range of media.

Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructors teach various types of yoga to groups or individuals. Working out -- or at least practicing a great deal of yoga -- is a mainstay of the job. A number of yoga schools offer training programs, and you can specialize in traditional yoga or a niche variety. You will typically need to have attained your Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) designation from a Yoga Alliance-accredited yoga school. After that, you can work for a large gym, a local studio, a hospital -- yoga therapy is an effective rehabilitation practice -- or start your own in-home yoga instruction.


Coaches train athletes and teams, guiding the development of the skills necessary to reach synchronized success. Fitness is an essential element of the training process. While not required, a coach can train right along with the team and share in the enthusiasm. Coaches at the high school, college and professional levels will usually need a bachelor's degree in athletic administration or physical science as well as any necessary certifications. It also helps if you competed as an athlete at the high school, college or pro levels.

Fitness or Athletic Modeling

A fitness model promotes products like clothing, exercise equipment or health supplements. To do this effectively, you must work out regularly to stay in top physical condition. Requirements tend not to be as stringent as they are with fashion modeling. Average height is typically acceptable, and facial beauty tends to take a slight backseat to overall physique. The job relies mainly on hard work in the gym and a personal dedication to dieting and exercise. A reputable agent can help groom you for the job, which requires no formal education. A rigorous exercise routine will help you maintain the well-toned muscle form that hiring companies seek.


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