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How to Become a Male Model for a Clothing Store

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Becoming a male model could be a promising career for the right person. Models have many different opportunities in the industry, whether it’s modeling for a magazine, a commercial or a clothing store. If you’re interested in becoming a male model, there are several requirements that you’ll have to meet first. Once you’re sure you’ve met those requirements, then you can learn how to make your portfolio stand out, so you can fulfill your goal of becoming a male model for a clothing store.

What to Understand About Male Modeling Jobs

Many people think that to be a model you have to look a certain way or have a specific kind of face and body type. While you’ll need ti maintain a presentable appearance, the reality is that more and more businesses are recognizing the importance of diversity in faces and body types in their advertising.

Therefore, if you’re not exactly what others would consider the most “handsome guy on earth,” there may still be opportunities for you to become a male model. That said, if you want to become a male model, understand that the industry is very competitive, and you have to be willing to work hard.

Types of Male Modeling

There are many different types of male modeling jobs, and many models explore different career paths within modeling before finding their niche in the industry. Even if you’re sure that you want to become a male model for a clothing store, then you should familiarize yourself with the different types of male modeling jobs before you get started:

  • Fashion model
  • Runway model
  • Commercial model
  • Social media model
  • Sports model
  • Swimsuit/underwear model
  • Shoe model

Job Descriptions for a Male Model for a Clothing Store

A male model for a clothing store is one of the first faces of the brand, and they are required to portray a specific message to the audience of that brand. When people shop at the clothing store, they see this model and may think, “I want to look like that, and buying these clothes can help me achieve this look!”

Hollister, for example, may want their models to have a beachy, surfer, fit, young, all-American-type look, whereas the Gap seems to pride itself on having a diverse, easy-going, fun look. To get an idea of the clothing store that’s right for you, look at their catalogs and brochures to see how the male models look to understand where you’d fit in best.

No matter which clothing store you end up working for, expect to have more or less the same job description across the board. Part of the job description is that you’re comfortable and confident in front of the camera and know the angles that best extenuate your unique features. This may mean an attribute that you see as a flaw in yourself, such as a birthmark on your face, frizzy hair or a gap in your front teeth.

General Requirements for a Clothing Store Male Model

The requirements for a male model depend on the type of modeling you’re doing and the specific clothing store you’ll be working for. But, in general, the industry requires their male models to be:

  • At least 16 years of age, and not much older than their 40s.
  • Between 5 feet, 11 inches and 6 feet, 2 inches tall.
  • Weigh 175 pounds or less (unless you’re looking to be a plus-size model).
  • Have strong features, for instance, a strong jaw line or a sharp eye color.
  • A muscular body type or in good shape, although this depends on the store. For instance, Abercrombie & Fitch usually requires their models to be fit and young. And, generally, you’re expected to fit into a size 40 jacket. 

How to Become a Male Model for Clothing Stores

Once you’ve checked that you meet the general requirements for a male model, then your journey is just beginning. The route to becoming a male model is a long one. You’ll have to be prepared to stay in shape, eat well and work hard. If you’re typically a shy person, then it’s time to change that.

Becoming a male model is hard work, and you’ll have to be willing to really put yourself out there. Of course, the younger you start, the faster you’ll be able to reach your goals. However, even male models who start at an older age can be just as successful.

Get Comfortable in Front of the Camera

If you want to become a male model, the first thing you need to practice is getting comfortable in front of the camera. Perhaps you’re already a natural at this, or maybe you need to work on it. Watch some tutorials online or find a model mentor who can coach you. Remember that posing in front of the camera with friends and family is a lot different from posing as a model.

Build a Portfolio

The next step toward becoming a male model for a clothing store is to build a portfolio. If you don’t have any prior modeling experience, then this is a great opportunity to get some head shots. It’s good to have a physical portfolio that you can take with you when you apply to jobs at clothing stores, but you can have a collection of your photos online as well.

Research Different Job Opportunities

Being a male model is kind of like being a freelancer. Unless you have an agent, it’s up to you to land jobs at different clothing stores yourself, which may require a lot of upfront investment. Therefore, you will likely need to have another job to earn money while pursuing your career in modeling.

There are several ways to research and apply for male modeling jobs. A good place to start is by visiting a mall near you and walking into different stores to ask if they have jobs for models available. If you’re looking for something more commercial, keep an eye out for casting calls in your area, which can be found on online job boards or in local newspapers.

Be Open to Taking Different Jobs

Even though your ultimate goal is to become a male model at a clothing store, you may have to be open-minded about taking other related jobs in the meantime. This is an industry where you have to work your way up. So, if there’s another job available ‒ as long as you’re clear about your interests in becoming a male model ‒ this can help you get your foot in the door.

Pursue a Male Model Agency

Lastly, trying to find male modeling jobs at clothing stores on your own can be rather difficult. If you’ve already put in a lot of effort and you’re not getting any responses, then it may be time to call a male modeling agency.

A male modeling agency, otherwise known as a “casting agency,” represents you and helps you land the types of modeling jobs you’re looking for. The only downside is that they take a commission out of each job you do. But, it can be an easy way to secure your dream job as a male model for clothing stores, and eventually, you can go out on your own. Just make sure to read your contract carefully.


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