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How to Become a Male Model for a Clothing Store

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Clothing stores are involved in what has become a highly competitive business that involves ever more sophisticated advertising campaigns. Many of the stores seem to be selling an image, even a lifestyle, rather than just clothes. They use models to portray their particular style, which may be sophisticated, sporty, youthful or edgy. The store will have a particular type of customer in mind when designing posters, catalogs and websites. Some clothing stores use famous faces to model their clothes, while others may recruit local or regional male models for smaller ad campaigns.

Assess your potential and ask a trusted friend or family member to give you an honest opinion. Modeling usually requires males to be around 6 feet in height and to weigh less than 175 pounds. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to define what makes a person stand out, though obviously you need to be photogenic. Research the stores you would like to model for; look at their websites and catalogs. Although they will not be looking for a clone of their existing models, this will give you a idea of the types of model and clothing they prefer.

Decide whether you want to work as a freelance model or to join an agency. Each has advantages. As an unknown, you will be offered more opportunities through an agency. As a freelance, you may have more flexibility and freedom. If you choose to join an agency, check its reputation by reading client and model testimonials. Check the agency's existing model's profiles and how long the firm has been established.

Get your portfolio together. This is an investment, so you need to be sure yours is the best it can be. If you approach a photography firm ask to see some of their pictures and some testimonials. Ask for a variety of shots, including some black and white images. If you specifically want to model clothing, get some shots in different types of attire -- for instance, swimwear, formal and casual.

Approach a clothing store directly, or through your agent. Write or email, sending examples of your best shots. Check their website to see their preferred method of approach. You may also find that they have open auditions for male models; however, stores often approach the agencies first.


You will need parental consent to enter a contract with an agency or a store if you are under 18.


Be cautious. Some elements of this business can be exploitative.

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