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If you dream to get up every morning and dress however you want for work, take heart -- some people get to live that dream. Most jobs require you to look professional or wear a uniform, but some careers allow or even encourage you to dress however you want. It’s not just about clothing, either; some career fields don’t care if your hair is long or short or whether you wear tattoos from head to toe. If this sounds like your kind of lifestyle, consider these careers.

Hair Stylist

Hair stylists typically work in an environment that encourages them to express themselves however they see fit. In fact, the sharper and more interestingly they dress, the more appealing they are to clientele. The same goes for their haircut, so you can dye your hair blue or pink and get away with it in this profession. Of course, you must gauge the kind of customer you want to attract when you get ready in the morning, but in general, this occupation is lenient about appearances.

Radio Deejay or Announcer

Radio announcers spend much of their time unseen by the public when working, so in this job you can usually wear and look like anything you want. True, your boss may require a certain amount of decorum when you're out on public assignments, but during your actual gig on air, hardly anyone will know if you look like you just rolled out of bed. In fact, in radio, that look could be your shtick. So consider a job in radio if dressing how you want matters.

Independent Photographer

Depending on the customers you want to attract, most likely you can dress however you want as a photographer. Formal assignments like weddings may require a certain outfit, but in general, few people care what you look like when you’re holding a camera. What they care about is that you take great pictures, and that doesn’t depend on what you’re wearing.

Tattoo Artist

Working as a tattoo artist is one of the most lenient career choices for dressing and looking however you want. By the nature of their business, tattoo artists spend most of their time around people expressing themselves through how they look. As a tattoo artist, you can have a tattooed bald head or have spiked hair with piercings all over your body. As with many creative fields, those skilled in tattooing are artists, and therefore freedom of dress and appearance is not only common but likely expected.


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