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How to Become a Go-Go Dancer

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Go-go dancing is an attractive job for those who love to dance and want to bring in some cash without taking off their clothing. Go-go dancers are often hired to dance on stage at nightclubs, concerts and festivals, and are often in costume. To become a go-go dancer, make sure you know how to dance and present yourself well.

Meet the Minimum Requirements

Nightclubs usually require their go-go dancers to be adults. Depending on the club, you may be required to be at least 18 or 21 years old, since you will likely work in venues that sell alcohol. Although many clubs hire a diverse group of go-go dancers who have different looks, one basic requirement is that you must be in good physical shape and have the stamina to dance for hours.

Learn to Dance in Heels

Many go-go dancers have a background in dance. If you have little to no dancing experience, take a variety of dance classes before you attempt to get the job. Learn how to move your body in a club environment, and remember to move your arms when you dance. Go-go dancers are often required to dance for hours in high-heeled shoes or boots, so practice dancing in them beforehand.

Network to Expand Your Opportunities

Research clubs and venues that employ go-go dancers and find out if they are hiring. Speak to the general manager of a club to find out about job openings or auditions. Speak with other go-go dancers to learn about the requirements and procedures of becoming a go-go dancer. Some go-go dancers join dance teams, while others work independently.

Prepare Your Outfit

Before auditioning to become a go-go dancer, prepare an outfit that will flatter your body. Make sure your outfit is revealing, but tasteful: remember that go-go dancers are not strippers, so do not wear lingerie to an audition. Many go-go dancers choose to wear miniskirts, shorts, bikini tops and knee-high boots. Make sure that you perfect your hair and makeup as well.

Go to an Audition

Once you find a club or dance team that you are interested in, go to an audition. Some nightclubs might ask you to dance on a side stage as your audition, while others might host regular try-outs in a desginated space for anyone that is interested in joining.

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