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How to Be a Saturday Night Live Comic

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How to Be a Saturday Night Live Comic. Saturday Night Live is a weekly live sketch comedy show that broke new ground when it first debuted in 1975, and it continues to be a relevant and popular show today. Several of its former cast members have gone on to greater fame in movies and television. Being a comic on Saturday Night Live ranks highly as a dream job for many up-and-coming comedians.

Practice writing and developing your comedy routines. Cultivate material from current events and famous people in politics and entertainment.

Remember that, unlike traditional stand-up, Saturday Night Live depends on its cast members to portray a variety of different characters. Perfect your impersonations and accents. Consider developing musical skills such as singing or playing an instrument to incorporate in your acts.

Spend as much time performing on stage as possible. Look for amateur or open mic nights at local comedy clubs.

Take classes at a comedy school associated with a reputable improvisational comedy troupe, particularly The Groundlings in Los Angeles or Second City in Chicago. Work your way up to joining the cast, either at home or touring. Saturday Night Live scouts often find comics at these venues.

Audition for Saturday Night Live, after a scout invites you to do so. Perform your best sketches, including a variety of different characters.

Get hired. Move to New York City. Attend meetings and rehearsals at Studio 8H of NBC Network Headquarters. Be prepared to work long hours, especially towards the end of the week to prepare for the live show on Saturday nights.


Don't send an unsolicited audition tape. Saturday Night Live does not accept them.

  • Don't send an unsolicited audition tape. Saturday Night Live does not accept them.

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