How to Become a Music Video Dancer

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Music videos, such as Hip Hop and R & B videos, frequently feature dancers to help express the emotion and ideas that the music presents. Casting directors for these types of videos are always looking for fresh, new and talented dancers to help capture and express the emotions behind these songs. Music video dancers are highly valued and are always in high demand. Here is how to become a music video dancer.

Find a dance studio which teaches hip hop and other forms of dance.

Find a gym and get a personal trainer. Keep in shape by working out and eating right. A great gym and a personal trainer are well worth the investment.

Practice dancing daily. Study music videos and try to emulate the other dancers.

Create your own dance routines. Practice freestyle dancing. Practice performing in front of audiences, perhaps beginning with your family and friends.

Search the internet, newspapers and your local entertainment, dance and stage press for upcoming music video auditions.

Go to the auditions. Relax, have fun and do your best.

After your audition, you will have to wait patiently for the casting director to call you. They will tell you if they want to cast you in the music video or not.

If they don ot cast you, just keep practicing and working at it. If you are casted, then you'll get to perform in your very first music video. After that, you should register with an artists' talent agency. They will assign you an agent to help get you more work.


Ballet is a great form of dance to partner with hip hop because it teaches balance, control, coordination and flexibility.

Recording your practice dance sessions with a camcorder and then reviewing it later is a great way to detect your strengths and weaknesses and where you need to improve.


Never dance on a wet, slippery or rough surface.

Don't ever dance with uncomfortable shoes or clothing. You need to be able to move around freely for extended periods of time.