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The Advantages of Being a Choreographer

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Choreography is the practice of designing dance sequences that focus on motion and form. A choreographer is the person who creates dance moves and is in charge of the rehearsal process and preparing dancers for performances. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reports that choreographers earned a median salary of $37,660 in 2010.


Choreographers are able to use their creative and artistic abilities to develop dance moves, steps and combinations for dancers. The choreography for a song may depend on the type of music, dancer skill set and venue. Throughout the rehearsal process, choreographers can use their skills to create original dances and express ideas and tell stories to an audience. Opportunities are available for choreographers to develop dance routines for musical theater, music videos, film and television, and musical performances.

Physical Fitness

Choreographers need to remain in good physical condition to demonstrate routines and instruct dancers. In order to show dance moves, choreographers will need to remain flexible and maintain strength in their legs and core. Even being around dancers who are working out day after day can help motivate choreographers to stay healthy and keep their vitality as they get older.


After weeks and weeks of hard work in rehearsal, choreographers can see their work come to life through a performance. Choreographers have an opportunity to sit in the audience and watch their vision come to life. The dancers may be performing as part of a group or in a solo performance, and while initial shows may be designed to help critique and improve routines, once the work is completed, choreographers can sit back and enjoy the show.


Choreographers are often former dancers and are able to turn their background and passion into another viable career. A career as a choreographer allows ex-dancers to pursue their work in an area that they love. According to the BLS, the career of dancers is relatively short, and many individuals in this field are looking for a new one in their 30s.


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