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How to Get Paid for Promoting a Drink

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Businesses and convention exhibitors have long known that face-to-face sales is one of the most effective ways to promote a product. Advertising becomes personal when you can see someone using the product, testing a new design or even drinking a beverage. If you’d like to get paid for promoting a drink, there are ways that promoters have set in place to spread the word about their product. Be prepared to do some research, then stand on your feet for hours while doing promotional work.

Check the Internet or local advertisers for promotions that seek product testers. Although there are scams in this line of work, there are also plenty of legitimate companies seeking drink promoters. Sometimes the testers work at trade shows, malls, at parties or pass out samples on the street. They could also end up working in advertising for an agency or for the drink manufacturer.

Research the companies and products in which you’re interested. If you prefer natural products to soft drinks or alcohol, see which companies are looking for promoters. New products are especially important for promoters, so look up new drinks and find out as much as you can about the product before applying to be a promoter.

Check with the Better Business Bureau and with online scam-watch websites to get a feel for the business and ensure it's legitimate. Read everything you can before contacting the company or its advertising agency to get more details, then apply.

Call local temp agencies. Some companies use temporary agency workers to fill promotional jobs, so check with temp agencies to see whether this is one of their specialties.

Seek work as a promotional model or tester. Contact local establishments to see whether this position is available and what is required. Companies usually look for attractive young people, especially women, for this line of work. You might have to mix with others at bars, nightclubs or parties while promoting the drink.

Make sure you enjoy the product before you appear in public to promote it. If you don’t have a smile on your face while drinking it, you won’t be a good promoter. Research and learn all you can about the drink so you can discuss it knowledgeably.


Women should be dubious of clubs looking for "hostesses" that require no other duties than just drinking and talking to male customers. Their main duty should be to promote the drink.