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How to Become an Acer Reseller

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Acer is an international corporation, with its Acer America subsidiary located in San Jose, California. Acer specializes in the research, manufacturing and distribution of computer systems to both the consumer and the commercial markets. Acer offers its systems to the end customer through a large network of more than 8,000 channel partners and authorized resellers spread throughout Canada and the United States. Becoming a reseller involves registering on the Acer America corporate website, speaking with an Acer representative and gaining approval to act as a reseller. Potential resellers cannot access any specific information regarding the reseller program until they gain approval as an authorized reseller.

Visit the Acer corporate website and select the site for North America. Review the products offer by Acer to help determine whether Acer computer systems will meet the needs of your customers. Acer specializes in manufacturing a variety of computer systems, targeted at businesses, governments and the consumer markets with a focus on intuitive use.

Click on the partner link located in the footer of the website to review the channel partner section of Acer America. The section of the site provides crucial information for resellers such as pricing lists, new product releases, and marketing materials. To access this information, you must become an authorized reseller. Click on the “Acer Connect” link to bring up the sign-in and registration page.

Locate the “Become a Partner” link located at the bottom left-hand side of the page to load the application form. Review the short application form and fill out all the requested information and particulars. An Acer representative will contact you once receiving your information to discuss more details regarding the authorized reseller program. Expect someone to contact you in approximately three business days by either email or telephone. Upon approval, you will receive a username and password to access the Acer Connect portion of the website in order to review proprietary information regarding the reseller program.


You must have an established business in order to become and authorize Acer reseller or channel partner. If an individual wants to resell Acer products, that individual must first establish a business entity in her state before making an application. Those without an established and registered business will not receive consideration. To establish a business, you must register with your secretary of state in the state in which you reside.


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