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How to Become an eBook Dealer

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Unlike printed books, e-books display content in digital format. E-book dealers, better known as e-book affiliates or e-book resellers, sell e-books mainly through the Internet. E-book marketplaces, such as ClickBank or PayDotCom, sell e-books that do not go through the same publishing process as print books. Often these books are published directly by the e-book author. These marketplaces offer affiliate commissions of up to 75 or 80 percent. Most affiliates only sell a few e-books a month, but some successful marketers claim to earn thousands of dollars a month.

Sign up as an affiliate or reseller for affiliate program networks with large selections of e-books such as ClickBank, E-Junkie or PayDotCom. These networks provides a marketplace where authors list their e-books and affiliate marketers sell the e-books listed.

Choose a topic that interests you and with which you are familiar. Search or browse through the affiliate network's directory or marketplace to find e-books related to your chosen topic. For each e-book of interest, analyze the information offered including sales price, affiliate commission and e-book description. Click on the name of the e-book to read a detailed description and to visit its promotional webpage.

Search for the e-book title surrounded by quotes followed by the word "review" in popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo. Read through a sample of search results to determine customer satisfaction with the e-book purchase.

Generate a custom affiliate link for each e-book you wish to promote. In order to credit affiliates for e-book sales, the affiliate network creates a link that embeds the affiliate identification number within the e-book seller's webpage link. Follow the affiliate network's instructions on link creation.

Create a website to promote your chosen e-books. Build a homepage that describes your chosen topic and includes navigational links to to e-book listings. Create a webpage for each e-book with detailed information and pricing. Link to the e-book seller's webpage using your custom link created in Step 4.

Promote your e-book website using online channels such as website directories, social networks, forums and paid search listings. Track sales through your affiliate network and remove e-books from your site that do not sell. Update your website and keep your visitors interested by frequently listing new e-books for sale.


As of May 1, 2010, you can sign up as an Amazon affiliate, known as an "associate," and earn 4 to 8.5 percent on Kindle e-books.