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How to Become a Contractor for DirecTV

DIRECTV has gained the reputation as a trendsetter in the entertainment sector. DIRECTV offers over 285 channels of digital programming to consumers in the United States along with comprehensive exclusive programming options. Employing over 16,000 people, the company receives annual recognition for outstanding customer satisfaction as measured by the American Customer Satisfaction Index and has collected numerous awards, including eight Emmy awards for technological innovations designed to enhance the viewer’s experience. DIRECTV offers independent contractor opportunities for various jobs such as installation and customer service. Becoming a contractor involves making some phone calls and learning how to qualify.

Review the DIRECTV website to gain an understanding of the company and its offerings to consumers. Independent contractors will need to learn everything there is to know about DIRECTV products, services and the equipment used to install and run the DIRECTV service. Familiarity with the company's products and services will allow independent contractors to speak with a measure of confidence when interviewing for an independent contractor position.

Visit the system installer page and read the information relating to the independent contractors.

Learn who your regional Master System Operator (MSO) is. A prospective independent contractor must call 1-800-380-4388 and speak with a representative to inquire as to which regional MSO she needs to contact.

Speak with the required regional MSO to learn more about the application process and training requirements to become an independent contractor for DIRECTV. A MSO will provide all relevant training and assist prospective independent contractors in meeting all relevant requirements. Such training will include “rights of entry,” marketing and sales functions, and all relevant technical training.


Those who represent an installation company and want to provide installation and service to DIRECTV customers should fill out an inquiry request online.

Regional MSOs are of critical importance for DIRECTV in the administration and management of independent contractors. A prospective candidate should approach an MSO as he or she would any other corporate representative from DIRECTV. Keep in mind an MSO will make a final determination whether to accept potential candidates into the program.


DIRECTV puts a high premium on customer service. Potential prospective independent contractors need to demonstrate the same commitment when servicing customers. Potential candidates lacking customer service skills may not gain consideration as an independent contractor.


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